How to take print out from mobile phone using HP printer app?

How to print out from mobile phones via printers app:

How to print from mobile

In this post you may find easy and convenient way to take out print from your mobile using printer app. People may find difficulties for taking printout from their mobile phones. So, they will be curious to know how to take a print copy of the stuff stored in their mobile in need.

In today's life our mobiles have become our most valuable companions. And we have many documents, photos, emails, contacts saved in this gadget. Sometimes we need a hard copy from some of those things. In this case, nothing to worry. Our smartphone becomes smart enough.

It not only keeps those documents or pictures safe in it. Besides, it also provides way out for printing those documents directly from mobile.

Therefore, you need to connect the phone to the printer through Internet or Wi-Fi. You can also connect your phone to a computer via a USB data cable and take out desired print from mobile easily.

How to take printout from phone:

At first, you have to connect your phone to your printer. For this you have to install an official printer sharing app. As per your printer requirement you have to install the app from Google Play Store ( like HP ePrint or HP Print Service Plugin for HP printers). By connecting through the printer sharing app via OTG cable or Wi-Fi your smartphone can detect your printer. And you can easily take out print from mobile by selecting the printer of same network. Are you finding it a little bit confusing. Wait I will explain it in an easier manner.

How to take print out from Android mobile phone through HP printer app?

You can follow the step-by-step guideline below to understand how you may take printout from your Android phone in a more convenient way via printer apps for android. In some models you may take printout by opening the document and entering into the menu to reveal the print options.

How to print from mobile
  • At first, go to Google Play Store and search for app for printers.

HP print service

  • Now install one from HP Print Service/ Mobile Print/ Samsung mobile print or any other print sharing app you may desire.(The example here is shown from hp printer app for android mobile HP Print Service Plugin).

How to print from mobile
How to print from mobile

  • Then allow the HP printer app to access

How to print from mobile

  • Select the content you want to print such as web page, Email document pictures etc. and tap the menu bar to reveal the print option.

How to print from mobile

  • Now tap to print option.

How to print from mobile
  • Here, you can customize your printer settings by selecting paper size orientation etc.

How to print from mobile
  • After that, select printer of same network and also change print settings as per your requirement.

How to print from mobile

  • Then, tap the list of network printers and select your printer. 

How to print from mobile

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  • Lastly, hit the print icon to take printout.
  • Hope you have understood how to take print out from mobile phone. Therefore, it may help you in day to day life. Hence, if you find it helpful, consider it to share with others. Thank you.


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