Google Translate An Easy And Free Online Service From Google

Google Translate

In this article you will learn about Google Translate and how to use it effectively. I am going to describe in this whole article what a splendid tools the Google Translate is. And how it can make our lives easier.

What is Google Translate?

Google Translate is one of the most useful product from the Google. It is an online machine translator and can convert any language to any other language easily. The most important part is that it is absolutely free. The convenience of use and accuracy make this tool unparalleled in its category. That's why, its android app version has already crossed 500 million downloads.

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How to use Google Translate

Google Translate is very simple and easy to use. You can find its app in android and IOS platform. Even, you can use it from its website Besides, you easily can use it from Google search or any web browser. Hence, you are free to use the tool from

Google Translate

If you have updated your phone keyboard, you may find a small icon of google translate at the top where the suggested words appear. You may click the icon and start writing. This will automatically convert your piece of writing into your desired languages. Obviously, you have to be online to avail this feature.

Google Translate

Unique features of Google Translate

Not only its reliability and popularity of google but also a number of unique features make it one of the best things after human translation. A few of them are as follows:

Translate even on offline mode

To enjoy the feature you need first download language pack. You can download the languages of each 20 to 30 mb in size, over WiFi or even using cellular data. It will become the most helpful when you visit another state or country and you need to communicate with the people there.

Compatible with WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a very popular messaging service throughout the world. The best part of the Google Translate is that it will perform translation directly in WhatsApp. Hence, you don't need to copy paste the words to google for the translation.

Useful to listen foreign language even in  slower rate.

In fact, it is very hard to realise a foreign language. Even it will be translated, you will find it difficult to make out all of those if it is spoken too quickly. But, the Google Translate brings the solution also here. You can slow down the speed of it simply touching the listen image twice. Thus you will be able to hear the translation at a slower speed.

Can translate in various means

Using the app is so convenient that it cannot be described. In brief, just open the app and do the translation job by any means. First, you can use your voice to translate something. So, touch the mic icon on the app and speak out what you need to translate. Besides, you can write the words directly on your phone and the app can easily translate the words.

Camera-input support

This is also one of the most wonderful features of the Google Translate. You can snap a picture of the text with your smartphone camera, and brush your finger over the part you want translated. Basically, you can use the feature in foreign land to understand the road sign.
Google Translate


The Google Translate is one of the most useful utility product from Google. It comes free of cost. In addition, it becomes the trusted global communicator in your pocket. Though in many cases you will find the translation especially, a large piece of writing, is not completely accurate. But, you can find a overview or gist of the writing in those cases also.

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