Calculate Salary with 3% DA for WB Employees

  West Bengal Salary Calculator 2021

wb salary calculator

Calculate and Check your gross salary yourself. Government has announced 3% DA for state govt. employees w.e.f. 01.01.2021. Now you can download the salary calculator for West Bengal Govt. employees from Google Play Store.

Calculate Salary with 3% DA w.e.f. Jan'21

Just install the app in your android device. Input Basic Pay and get the result. You can find all the pay levels along with all the basics in the drop-down. This calculator makes you able to enter custom DA rates.

Find all the Pay levels in one place in a very organised manner. Easy to use this tool can calculate your Gross Salary, increment, CAS or promotional fixation accurately.

Not only that, in this calculator you will find many other features to make your life easy. Some of the interesting features that you can find in it are:


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