CMC Vellore Doctors List Neurology

 Neurology Doctors List in CMC, Vellore

CMC Vellore Doctors List Neurology

Find here the list of doctors from the neurology department in Christian Medical College & Hospitals, Vellore. The list will be very helpful at the time of taking CMC Vellore appointment neurology.

You can also go through the list before booking online consultation at CMC Vellore. For the full list of doctors from any clinic click here.

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CMC hospital Vellore doctors list Neurologist

  • Vivek Mathew, M.D. (Gen. Med), D.M.(Neuro) Dip NB
  • Sanjith Aaron, MD. (Gen Med).D.M. (Neuro)
  • A.T.Prabhakar, M.D.(Gen. Med) DM (Neuro)


  • Ari G Chacko, M.Ch (Neuro)
  • Krishna Prabhu, M.Ch (Neuro) (On leave)
  • Edmond Jonathan, M.Ch (Neuro)
  • V. Rajshekhar, M.Ch(Neuro)
  • Ranjith K. Moorthy, M.Ch (Neuro)
  • Bijesh Nair, M.Ch (Neuro)
  • Clinical Nuclear Medicine
  • Regi Oommen, MD, DMRT, DRM
  • Nylla Shanthly, DRM
  • Julie Hephzibah, MD, DNBIRT), DNB/NM)
  • David Mathew, MD, DMRT

Paediatric Neurology

  • Maya Thomas, D.Ch.,M.D(Paed), D.M (Neuro)
  • Karthik, M, MD (Paed), D.M (Neuro)
  • Sangeetha Y, MD (Paed) DNB (Paed) DM (Paed. Neuro)

CMC hospital Vellore doctors list General Neurology

  • Rohit Ninan Benjamin, M.D(Gen Med) D. (Neuro)
  • Gideon Lyngsyun Rynjah, M.D(Gen. Med), D.M (Neuro)
  • Atif Shaikh, MD(Gen Med), D.M. (Neuro)
  • Donna Mathew, M.D(Gen. Med), D.M (Neuro)
  • Vivek Mathew, M.D. (Gen. Med), D.M. (Neuro) Dip NB

Epilepsy Clinic Neurology

  • Maya Thomas
  • A.T.Prabhakar
  • Sangeetha Y
  • Karthik.M
  • Mathew Alexander, M.D (Gen Med). DM(Neuro)
  • Ajith Sivadasan, MD (Gen. Med)., DM(Neuro)


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