CMC Vellore Hospital Guide for Patients

Christian Medical College and Hospital, Vellore, Tamil Nadu is popularly known as CMC Vellore hospital. Here you can find all the details on the CMC Vellore doctors listCMC hospital contact number, CMC appointments, hotels near CMC hospital, etc.


Christian Medical College and Hospital

If you are planning to visit CMC Hospitals, for the purpose of medical treatment of your own or your dearer one, this article will be a complete guide for you.

Starting its journey in 1918, CMC Vellore Hospital becomes one of the most renowned hospitals in Asia. The Hospital has eleven destinations and serves more than 2000 inpatients and 8,000 outpatients day by day, with 67 wards, 92 centers every day, and more than 150 units.


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CMC Vellore appointment online booking

CMC Vellore online appointment is an easier and wiser way than doing the same offline. It helps to reduce stay at Vellore because you already know the exact schedule of your CMC appointment.

CMC Vellore Online Appointment for New Patients

If you are new to CMC, you do not have any hospital number or user id.

So, first of all, you have to get yourself registered on the CMC official website with your personal details. After completing the registration process you need to choose your doctor from the CMC Vellore list of doctors.

Now you can select an appointment date from the available slot.

Make payment for the CMC appointment booking.

Take a printout of your booking.

More details with screenshots on CMC Vellore appointment online booking

CMC Vellore Review or Repeat Appointment

If you are already a patient of CMC hospital, Vellore, you need not go through the above registration process. Moreover, if you want to book a review appointment at any other clinic or a repeat appointment at CMC Vellore, you just log into the Patient Portal with your Hospital ID or Hospital Number.

CMC Vellore offline Appointment

At the main gate of CMC Hospital, you will find “Silver Gate For New Appointment”. For appointments, those who have not taken the same online have to present themselves physically. Maintain the queue there and get help from the staff there for your appointment. You may make an appointment with a private or general doctor there.

CMC Vellore Doctor Appointment

You can take CMC private doctor's appointment or a general doctor appointment as well. You can choose the appointment category between Private and General while booking an appointment for a new patient.

To consult with a senior doctor, you require to book a private doctor's appointment. On the other hand, the appointment will be fixed with a junior doctor in CMC Vellore.

Appointment fees are high for private appointments in comparison to general appointments in CMC Vellore.

CMC Vellore Doctors List

Find here the CMC Vellore list of doctors in neurology, cardiology, urology, medicine, etc. All of the doctors in CMC Vellore are top and best in their respective fields.

CMC Vellore list of doctors in neurology, cardiology, urology, medicine

Want to know the names of the doctors presently serving at Vellore hospital? Find below the list of all the doctors presently serving in CMC Vellore.

CMC Vellore Hospital Contact

CMC Vellore address

Christian Medical College
Ida Scudder Road,
Vellore - 632004
Tamil Nadu, India

CMC Vellore pin code


Christian Medical College Contact Number

CMC Vellore contact number:

0 416 2281000

Whatsapp: 9385285957

CMC Vellore contact e-mail:

CMC Vellore helpline number

0 94987 60000

CMC Vellore's official website

Get more contact and help below:

CMC Vellore Patient Guide APP


CMC Vellore Patient Guide Key Features

  • User-friendly interface. Very easy to use.
  • Packed with useful and essential information regarding CMC Vellore.
  • Easily share the list of top & best doctors of CMC with others.
  • Categorized List of doctors separated into departments wise.
  • A new appointment guide helps to make doctors appointment easily
  • Repeat appointments guide for online booking appointment
  • Find Private and General doctors' visiting fees at present
  • Contact info
  • CMC Vellore online registration guide

CMC Vellore Appointment Fees

A senior doctor's consultation fee for private patients at CMC hospital is 800/- valid for 3 months. A general appointment fee is Rs 130/- for those who have already been allotted a Patient ID card with the hospital number.

CMC Vellore Consultation Fees for Private Patients

CMC Vellore appointment fees for New Private Patients without having a hospital number are Rs 900/- (consultation fees + hospital number card).

Fees for revisiting the same unit within 90 days is Rs 320/- (repeat appointment within 3 months).

After 90 days the fees will be Rs 750/- (repeat appointment after 3 months).

Fees for the first visit to a new clinic/ unit/ department within or after 3 months is Rs 800/- (only the consultation fees, hospital number already allotted). 

CMC Vellore Consultation Fees for General Patients

CMC Vellore appointment fees for New General Patients without having a hospital number are Rs 250/- (consultation fees + hospital number card).

Repeat appointment of all kinds like same day or any other day same unit, doctor or any other unit or doctor is Rs 130/-.

Check here for the updated fees and charges

Affordable Hotels and Lodges near CMC Hospital

There is a countless Lodges, Hotels, and Restaurants surroundings CMC Vellore hospital. Most hotels and restaurants offer a Bengali food menu. Besides Bengali food, you can also enjoy Punjabi and Chinese food in a number of restaurants.

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List of Hotels near CMC Hospital

Name: Banerjee Hotel
Address: 77, Babu Rao St, Sripuram, Beripettai, Vellore, Tamil Nadu 632004
Contact: 070766 91065 {alertInfo} 
Name: New Bengal Hotel 
LodgeAddress: 66 /44, Babu Rao St, Sripuram, Beripettai, Vellore, Tamil Nadu 632004
Contact: 098432 41282 {alertInfo} 
Name: Hotel Rimpa
Address: Babu Rao Street, Babu Rao Street, Gayathri Annex Lodge, Babu Rao St, Vellore, Tamil Nadu 632004
Contact: 098957 61876 {alertInfo}
Name: New Hotel Calcutta
Address: 51, Babu Rao St, Near C.M.C Hospital, Sripuram, Beripettai,Vellore, Tamil Nadu 632004
Contact: 0416 221 3482 {alertInfo}
Name: Annapurna Hotel and Restaurant
Address: 156, Main Bazaar Rd, Sripuram, Saidapet, Vellore, Tamil Nadu 632012
Contact: 097915 60293 {alertInfo}
Name: Geetanjali Bengali Restaurant
Address: 2192, 3, Babu Rao St, Near CMC Hospital, Sripuram, Beripettai, Vellore, Tamil Nadu 632004
Contact: 099526 15638, 070034 65563 {alertInfo} 


FAQ on CMC Hospital Vellore

Is CMC Vellore costly for treatment?

Rather in comparison to many hospitals in other many states, CMC proves to be the best and most reasonable for treatment. That is why the hospital gains its popularity among the common races. In a nutshell, the general consultation fee at CMC is Rs 130/- and private consultation is Rs 750/-. If you revisit the unit within 3 months in a private appointment the fees become Rs 320/- only.

Is CMC Vellore better than AIIMS? 

In NIRF Ranking 2020, Christian Medical College (CMC), Vellore holds the 3rd position after All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi, and Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh.

Is CMC Vellore a govt hospital?

No, the CMC Vellore is a private setup college and hospital run by Christian Community.

Hope this information will be helpful to you. If you have any other queries relating to CMC Vellore Hospital, please feel free to comment in the comment section. Thanks for reading.

What is the rank of CMC Vellore in the world?

According to, the position of the Christian Medical College and Hospital is 803 in Best Global Universities.

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