How to reach vellore by train from Howrah

How to reach Vellore by train from Howrah / Kolkata

Christian Medical College & Hospital popularly known as CMC Vellore is one of the most renowned hospitals in Asia. The devotion and dedication that you find here make this institution unique in its arena.

How to reach vellore by train from Howrah
Silver Gate for New Private Patient

How to make an appointment at CMC Hospital, Vellore?

If you are not the first time to Vellore, then find here how to get repeat appointment in CMC Vellore with hospital number

For the first appointment in CMC Vellore

I think the easier and more convenient way to take an appointment in CMC is through online than offline. It also helps to reduce stay at Vellore because you already know the exact schedule. You can find each and every detail about the online booking of appointment by CLICKING HERE.

Offline appointment in CMC Vellore

But for offline appointment in CMC Vellore, you have to present yourself physically at the Hospital before knowing the exact date of appointment. At the main gate of CMC Hospital, you will find “Silver Gate For New Appointment” go there and get help from the staff there for your appointment.
You may take the appointment of a senior doctor.

For the complete list of DOCTORS in CMC Vellore CLICK HERE

Where will you stay after you reach CMC Hospital Vellore

There are a pretty large number of Lodge and Hotels at 2 - 10 minutes walking distance from the Hospital offering room rent ranges from Rs.250 to Rs.2500 per day. ( Some of them put a condition like 3 / 5 days of room rent in advance)

Options to reach Vellore CMC hospital from Howrah / Kolkata

If you want to visit CMC Vellore, you can go by train or you can avail air. The nearest railway station to CMC is Katpadi about 8 km away and the airport is Chennai about 130 km away from the Hospital.

Best train to reach Vellore from Howrah

You have to reach Katpadi railway station at first to go to Vellore CMC Hospital. If you take the option of  Howrah Yashvantpur Express then you might arrive at Katpadi by 01:45 am in the morning actually midnight. But don't worry this is the most popular train from Howrah to Vellore. Every day hundreds of patient party from West Bengal avail the same train for CMC Vellore.  That means you will find many other passengers are boarding down at Katpadi with you by 2 O'clock in the night. Numerous number of Auto- Rickshaws are waiting outside the station at that time. You can reserve one of them for Rs.150 or take a share for Rs 30 to 40  to reach the hospital main gate in less than 30 minutes. Then you can board any of the lodge or hotel nearby which you find suitable for you.

Howrah to Katpadi train fare

Howrah-Yesvantpur SF Express

SL Rs. 675/-
3A Rs. 1785/-
2A Rs. 2600/-

If you book Tatkal Tickets

SL Rs. 865/-
3A Rs. 2205/-
2A Rs. 3125/-

List of trains between Howrah to Katpadi ( Time taken 29 hrs or more)

  1. 12510/Guwahati-Bangalore (Kaziranga) SF Express.
  2. 12508/Guwahati – Trivandrum Express.
  3. 12516/Guwahati-Trivandrum Central Express.
  4. 15902/Dibrugarh–Bangalore Weekly Express.
  5. 02851/Santragachi – Ernakulam Weekly Special.
  6. 22851/Santragachi – Mangalore (Vivek) Express.
  7. 22817/Howrah-Mysore Weekly SF Express.
  8. 12863/Howrah-Yesvantpur SF Express.
  9. 16324/Shalimar – Trivandrum Central Express.
  10. 22642/Shalimar – Trivandrum Central SF Express.
  11. 12660/Shalimar-Nagercoil Gurudev Express.
  12. 12867/Howrah-Puducherry (Aurobindo) Express.
  13. 15228/Muzaffarpur-Yesvantpur Weekly Express.
  14. 12254/Anga SF Express.

How to reach vellore by train from Howrah

NB: Code of Howrah railway station is HWH and Katpadi is KPD.

I think it becomes helpful to you. If you have any further queries feel free to comment me on the comment section. Please share it with others if you consider this information such a valuable one.


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