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CMC Vellore doctors list at a glance

CMC Vellore Doctors List

CMC Vellore Guide

Where can I find a complete list of doctors in CMC Vellore? Hey, if this is the question also in your mind, this piece of writing is going to be your desired answer. Here you can find department-wise CMC Vellore doctors list fully updated.

But, before that, I can't resist this short intro. From a one-bed clinic started by Dr Ida Sophia Scudder in 1900, CMC Vellore now serves more than 8,000 patients on a daily basis in its 150 different departments.

CMC hospital Vellore doctors list department wise

Are you searching for best medicine/ ENT/ orthopaedic doctors in CMC Vellore? Then, have a look at this CMC hospital Vellore doctors complete list. The name CMC Vellore is itself a brand today. Not only that, but all the doctors attached to CMC are also topmost in their arena. However, the list might be helpful in booking CMC Vellore appointment to any clinic. Besides, the list is categorised into department wise.

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Along with the above-mentioned list of doctors, all the others ( complete list) are given below:

List of doctors in CMC Vellore Cardiology department

  1. George Joseph, MD, DM (Card.). FCSI
  2. Viji Samuel Thomson, MD, DNB, DM (Card) FIC (Aus)
  3. Sujith Thomas Chacko, MD, DM (Card), FRACP (Cardio)
  4. Mithun Jacob Varghese, MD, DM, DNB
  5. Paul V.George, MD, DM (Card.)
  6. John Jose E., MD, DM (Card)
  7. Oommen George, MD, DM
  8. Sunil Chandy, MD, DM, M.Phil, FRCP
  9. Lijo Varghese, MD, DM
  10. Anoop George Alex, MD, DM
  11. David Chase, MD, DM (Card). Voc. Grad
  12. Diploma (Cardiac EP) CEPIA, Cardiac Electrophysiology Fellowship (Australia)

Heart Failure Clinic

  1. Sunil Chandy, MD, DM, M.Phil, FRCP
  2. Anoop George Alex, MD, DM

Alpha Clinic in CMC hospital Vellore:

  1. John Roshan Jacob, MD, DM (Card), CCR
  2. CEPS, Fellowship in Adult EP (Toronto General Hospital Canada), Fellowship in
  3. Paediatric EP (Sick Children Hospital Canada)

Dental Unit Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

  1. Rabin Chacko, MDS, FDS RCPS
  2. Sibu Simon, MDS
  3. Arun Paul S., MDS
  4. Saurabh Kumar, MDS
  5. J.S.Jesija, MDS
  6. Prosthodontics
  7. Sibu Simon, RDS

Oral Medicine & Radiology

  1. J.S.Jesija, MDS, FGD General Dentistry
  2. Christina D. George, BDS, FGD
  3. Gladwin D.Khanapur, BDS, FGD
  4. Shiny Sheja Reena R., BDS, FGD
  5. Santosh Koshy, MDS
  6. Jagadish Ebenezer, MDS
  7. Soumya SV, MDS
  8. Shini Susan Samuel, MDS
  9. Surya Prakash Sharma, MDS
  10. Daniel Sathiya Sundaram, MDS

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Dermatology Venereology & Leprosy Unit

  1. Renu George, MD
  2. Lydia Mathew, MD
  3. Mahabal Gauri, MD
  4. Priya Kurian, MD
  5. Leni George, MD DVL
  6. Gauri Mahabal, MD DVL
  7. Ankan Gupta, MD DVL
  8. Anu Anna George, MD DVL
  9. Venkatraman M, MD DVL

Paediatric Dermatology

  1. Priya Kuryan, MD
  2. Renu George, MD
  3. Lydia Mathew, MD
  4. Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic
  5. Annu Anna George, MD DVL
  6. Dincy Peter, MD DVL
  7. Gauri Mahabal, MD DVL

Pemphigus Clinic/ Psoriasis Clinic /tropical Dermatology

  1. Anu Anna George, MD DVL
  2. Leni George, MD DVL
  3. Susanne Pulimood, MD DVL

Developmental Paediatrics

  • Beena Koshy, MD (Paed)
  • Samuel P.Oommen, MD, DNB(Paed)

Top & best ENT (Skull Head & Neck Base) doctors in CMC Vellore

  1. Regi Thomas, DLO., DNB
  2. Rajan Sundaresan, DLO, MS
  3. John Mathew, DLO, MS
  4. Ranjeetha Rachel Gokuldas, DLO, MS

ENT / Pediatric ENT

  1. Ajoy Mathew Varghese, MS DNB
  2. Mary John, MS DLO DNB, PhD
  3. Naina Picardo, MS DLO, PDF(Ped.ENT)
  4. Syed Kamran Asif, MS, PDF (Ped.ENT)

ENT / Nose and Sinus Clinic

  1. Rupa Vedantam, M.S, D.L.O
  2. Regi Kurien, M.S, DOHNS (Eng)
  3. Lalee Varghese, M.S, DNB, D.L.O

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  1. Simon Rajaratnam, MD,  DNB( Endo), FRCP( Endo), PhD ( Endo)
  2. Thomas V Paul MD, DNB( Endo), PhD ( Endo)
  3. Dukhabandu Naik,  MD, DM( Endo)
  4. Nitin Kapoor, MD, DM( Endo), PDF ( ENDO)

Osteoporosis and Metabolic Bone Clinic

  • Thomas V.Paul, MD, DNB(Endo), PhD(Endo)

Integrated Thyroid Clinic

  • Riddhi Dasgupta, MD, DM(Endo)
  • Felix Jebasingh K, MD, DM(Endo), DNB(Endo)

Integrated Diabetes Foot Clinic

  1. Nihal Thomas, MD, MNAMS, DNB (Endo) FRACP (Endo), FRCP(Edin) PhD (Copenhagen)
  2. Dukhabandu Naik, MD, DM(Endo)
  3. Riddi Das Gupta, MD, DM(Endo)
  4. Felix Jebasingh K, MD, DM(Endo), DNB(Endo)

CMC hospital Vellore Gastroenterology doctors list

  1. AJ.Joseph, MD, DM (Gastro) (On leave)
  2. Amit Kumar Dutta, MD, DM (Gastro)
  3. Deepu David, MD., DM (Gastro)
  4. Ebby George Simon, MD., DM(Gastro)
  5. Sudipta Dhar Chowdhury, MD., DM(Gastro)
  6. Reuben Thomas Kurien, MD., DM(Gastro)


  1. C.E.Eapen, MD, DM
  2. Uday George Zachariah, MD, OM
  3. KG Sajith, MD, DM
  4. Ashish Goel, MD, DM

Paediatric Leukemia Haematology

  1. Alok Srivastava, MD, FRACP, FRCPA, FRCP
  2. Vikram Mathews, MD, DM,
  3. Biju George, MD. OM
  4. Aby Abraham, MD, OM
  5. Anu Korula, MD, DM
  6. Fouzia NA, DCH, DNB, DM
  7. Nisham P.N., MD, DM
  8. Anup J.Devasia, MD, DM
  9. Kulkarni Uday Prakash, MD, DM

Infectious Diseases IDRC

  1. Priscilla Rupali, MD, DTMH, FRCP
  2. Rajiv Karthik K, MD, MPH
  3. George M. Varghese, MD, DNB, DTMHEIDSA
  4. Divya Deodhar, MD
  5. Abi Manesh, MD

Top and Best Medicine doctors in CMC Vellore

  1. Anand Zachariah, MD, MNAMS
  2. Alice Joan Mathuram, MD
  3. Punitha JV, MD
  4. Ebenezar Rajadurai, MD
  5. Ravikar Ralph, MD
  6. T. Vijay Prakash, MD
  7. Vignesh Kumar, MD
  8. Roshni Sharma, MD
  9. Murugabharathy. MD
  10. Audrin Lenin MD
  11. Thambu David Sudarsanam, MD, Dip.NB
  12. Tina George, MD
  13. Sowmya Sathyendra, MD, MRCP
  14. Mohammad Sadiq, MD
  15. Ajoy Oommen John, MD
  16. Sudha Jasmine, MD.
  17. Aditya John Binu, MD
  18. O.C.Abraham, MD, MPH,
  19. Ronald Albert Benton Carey, MD, DNB
  20. Tarun K George, MD
  21. Maria Koshy K, MD
  22. Nirmal Raj Francis, MD
  23. Ramya 1, MD, Dip NB, MRCP
  24. Manjeera Jagannati, MD
  25. Karthik, MD
  26. Ajay Kumar Misra, MD
  27. Sultan Nawahirsha, MD
  28. Ashwin Rajneesh, MD
  29. Jonathan Arul, MD


  1. Prasad Mathews.K, MD,FRACP (Geriatrics)
  2. Surekha V, MD
  3. K.G. Gopinath, MD, FRACP (Geriatrics)
  4. Benny Paul Wilson, MD, MRCP (Geriatrics)
  5. Pranita Roy, MD (Geriatrics)

CMC Vellore doctors list Nephrology

  1. Vinoi George David, MD, DM, FRACP
  2. Alexander, MD, DM. FASN
  3. Shibu Jacob, MD. DM
  4. Gautam Rajan, MD, DM
  5. Santosh Varughese, MD, DM, FRCP
  6. Anjali Mohapatra, MD, DM
  7. Anna T Valson, MD, DM
  8. Kakde Shailesh Tulshi Das, DNB, DM
  9. Pradeep.M Koshy, MD, DM


  1. Ari G Chacko, M.Ch (Neuro)
  2. Krishna Prabhu, M.Ch (Neuro) (On leave)
  3. Edmond Jonathan, M.Ch (Neuro)
  4. V. Rajshekhar, M.Ch(Neuro)
  5. Ranjith K. Moorthy, M.Ch (Neuro)
  6. Bijesh Nair, M.Ch (Neuro)
  7. Clinical Nuclear Medicine
  8. Regi Oommen, MD, DMRT, DRM
  9. Nylla Shanthly, DRM
  10. Julie Hephzibah, MD, DNBIRT), DNB/NM)
  11. David Mathew, MD, DMRT

Paediatric Neurology

  1. Maya Thomas, D.Ch.,M.D(Paed), D.M (Neuro)
  2. Karthik, M, MD (Paed), D.M (Neuro)
  3. Sangeetha Y, MD (Paed) DNB (Paed) DM (Paed. Neuro)

CMC hospital Vellore doctors list Neurologist

  1. Vivek Mathew, M.D. (Gen. Med), D.M.(Neuro) Dip NB
  2. Sanjith Aaron, MD. (Gen Med).D.M. (Neuro)
  3. A.T.Prabhakar, M.D.(Gen. Med) DM (Neuro)

CMC hospital Vellore doctors list General Neurologist

  1. Rohit Ninan Benjamin, M.D(Gen Med) D. (Neuro)
  2. Gideon Lyngsyun Rynjah, M.D(Gen. Med), D.M (Neuro)
  3. Atif Shaikh, MD(Gen Med), D.M. (Neuro)
  4. Donna Mathew, M.D(Gen. Med), D.M (Neuro)
  5. Vivek Mathew, M.D. (Gen. Med), D.M. (Neuro) Dip NB

Epilepsy Clinic Neurology

  1. Maya Thomas
  2. A.T.Prabhakar
  3. Sangeetha Y
  4. Karthik.M
  5. Mathew Alexander, M.D (Gen Med). DM(Neuro)
  6. Ajith Sivadasan, MD (Gen. Med)., DM(Neuro)

Rheumatology Clinical Immunology

  1. Debashish Danda, MD, D.M.(Clinical Immunology), FRCP, FACR, FAMS
  2. John Mathew, MD, DNB, MNAMS, DM
  3. Ruchika Goel, MD, DM, PDF in Clinical Immunology & Rheumatology
  4. Ashish Jacob Mathew, MD, DM
  5. Aswin M. Nair, MD, DM, PDF in Clinical Immunology & Rheumatology
  6. Arvind. G, MD, PDF in Clinical Immunology & Rheumatology

Rheumatology Paediatric

  1. Sathish Kumar, MD DCH (Gen & Pvt) & Rheumatology Registrars
  2. Ashish Jacob Mathew, DNB, DM
  3. Renu George, MD (Dermatology)

Gynaecology Oncology

  1. Abraham Peedicayil, MD, FRCOG
  2. Rachel George Chandy, MD, DGO
  3. Anitha Thomas, MD, DGO, DNB
  4. Vinotha Thomas, DGO, DNB
  5. Ajit Sebastian, MD, DGO

General Gynaecology

  1. Elsy Thomas, MD, DGO
  2. Jessie Lionel, MD, DGO, Dip NB (FM)
  3. Dibu Sam, MD, DGO
  4. Beena K, MD, DGO
  5. Aruna N. Kekre, MD
  6. Lilly Varghese, MD
  7. Vaibhav Londhe, MD
  8. Emily Divya Ebenezer, MD

Spinal Surgery

  1. Kenny S. David, M.S. Orth., FACS
  2. K.Venkatesh, D.Orth., Dip.N.B.Orth.
  3. Rohit Amritanand, M.S.Orth., MAMS, FACS
  4. Justin Arockiaraj, D Orth, M.S.Orth, DNB Orth. PGDHA

CMC Vellore Orthopaedic doctors list

  1. V.TK Titus, D.OrthoM.S.Ortho. Dip NB.Ortho
  2. Pradeep M.Poonnoose, D.Ortho M.S.Ortho, Dip NB Ortho, Dip NB PMR Dip PMR(RCP)
  3. Anil Thomas Oommen, M.S.Ortho DNB Ortho, MNAMS, RORF Fellow (Fellow in Adult Reconstruction, HSS, New York)
  4. Siddharth Jain, M.S. Ortho
  5. Jerry George, M.S. Ortho
  6. Hariharan. T.D., Ortho, M.S Ortho
  7. Sai Prasanth, GT, Dip.NB ORtho
  8. Chandy. V.J. D. Ortho, M.S Ortho
  9. Alfred J.Daniel, D. Ortho, DNB, MS. Ortho
  10. Thilak Jepegnanam, D.Ortho, M.S. Ortho MMedSc(Otogo)
  11. PRJVC Boopalan, D.Orth, M.S. Orth
  12. Viju Daniel Varghese, D. Ortho, MS Ortho
  13. Abel Livingston, DNB, M.S.Ortho
  14. Sumant Samuel, M.S Ortho
  15. Kaushik Bhowmick, D. Ortho, M.S Ortho

Paediatric Orthopaedics

  1. Vrisha Madhuri, D.Orth, M.S Orth, M.Ch Orth (L Pool)
  2. Thomas Palocaren, D.Orth, M.S Orth
  3. Abhay Gahukamble, D.Orth, M.S Orth, DNB Orth
  4. Deeptiman James, M.S. Orth

Top and best Paediatric doctors in CMC Vellore

  1. Anna Simon, MD, DCH, FRCP (Edin)
  2. Leni Mathew, MD, DCH, MRCPCH
  3. Sarah Mathai DCH, DNB, PhD
  4. Urmi Ghosh, DCH, Dip. NB
  5. Sophy Korula, MD, DCH
  6. Arul P. Lionel, DCH, Dip NB
  7. Anna Simon, MD, DCH, FRCP(Edin)
  8. Rajeev Zachariah, DCH
  9. Indira Agarwal, MD, FISN
  10. T. Sathish Kumar, MD, DCH
  11. Anu Punnen, MD
  12. Sneha Varkki, Dip NB, DCH
  13. Valsan Verghese, MD, DCH
  14. Winsley Rose, MD
  15. Anila Chacko, MD, DCH

Paediatric Endocrinology

  1. Anna Simon MD.DCH, FRCP (Edin)
  2. Sarah Mathai DCH. DNB, PhD (Paed Endo)
  3. Sophy Korula, MD, DCH, MRCPCH (UK)
  4. Leni Mathew, MD, DCH, MRCPCH
  5. Rikki R John, DCH, DNB
  6. Narendra Kumar Chaudhary, MD, FNB (Pediatric Haematology Oncology)

Paediatric Nephrology

  • Indira Agarwal, MD, FISN

Paediatric Rheumatology

  1. T.Sathish Kumar, MD, DCH
  2. Valsan Verghese, MD, DCH
  3. Sneha Varkki, Dip NB, DCH
  4. Mona Basker, MD, DCH
  5. Winsley Rose, MD
  6. Sneha Varkki, Dip. NB, DCH

Paediatric Surgery

  1. Immanuel Sampath Karl, MS (Gen. Sur).
  2. Juju Jacob Kurian, MS (Gen. Sur). M.Ch (Paed. Sur), MRCS
  3. Tarun Jacob K. John, MS(Gen. Sur) M.Ch (Paed. Sur)
  4. Aureen Ruby D.Cunha, MS (Gen. Sur).
  5. John Mathai, MS (Gen.Sur), M.Ch(Paed. Sur)
  6. Sundeep Kisku, M.S(Gen Sur), M.Ch (Paed Sur),
  7. Harshjeet Singh Bal, M.S(Gen. Sur). MCh(Paed. Sur)
  8. John K. Thomas, MS (Gen. Sur), M.Ch (Paed Sur), DNB (Paed. Sur)
  9. Rohith Srinivas, MS (Gen Sur), M.Ch (Paed. Sur)

Paediatric Urology

  1. John Mathai, M. S(Gen. Sur). DNB (Gen Sur).M. Ch(Paed Sur)
  2. Sundeep Kisku, MS (Gen Sur). M.Ch (Paed.Sur
  3. Ravi Kishore, MS (Gen. Sur). M.Ch (Paed.Sur)
  4. Harshjeet Singh Bal, M. S(Gen. Sur). M.CH (Paed. Sur)
  5. Juju Jacob Kurian, MS (Gen. Sur). M. Ch(Paed. Sur), MRCS

Plastic Surgery

  1. Kingsly Paul M, MS, M.Ch(Plastic)
  2. Elvino Barreto, MS, M.Ch (Plastic)
  3. Geley Ete, MS, M.Ch (Plastic)
  4. Gaurav Chaturvedi, MS, M.Ch (Plastic)
  5. Ashish Kumar Gupta, MS, M.Ch (Plastic)

Pulmonary Medicine

  1. D.J.Christopher, B.Sc DTCD, Dip NB, FRCP (Glasg) FCCP (USA)
  2. Prince James, MD, FCCP
  3. Ashwin Oliver, MD
  4. T.Bamey Isaac, DNB
  5. Jobin Roger, MD
  6. Dinesh, MD
  7. Balamugesh, MD, DM, FCCP (USA)
  8. Richa Gupta, MD, FCCP

Radiation oncology

  1. Thomas Samuel Ram, MD
  2. Jeba Karunya Rami Reddy, DMRT, MD
  3. Subhashini John, DMRT, MD, MAMS
  4. Simon Pavamani, MD
  5. Balukrishna S. DMRT, MD, DNB
  6. Manu Mathew, MD
  7. Selvamani, MD, DNB
  8. Rajesh B, MD, DNB
  9. Patricia Solomon, DMRT, MD
  10. Sunitha Susan Varghese, DMRT, MD, DNB


  1. Pranay Gaikwad, DNB, MNAMS, FMAS
  2. Cecil T. Thomas, MS
  3. Vasanth Mark Samuel, MS
  4. Rajiv C Michael, DLO, MS, DOHNS (RCS-ENG)
  5. Suresh, MS
  6. Rajinikanth.J, MS, MRCS, DNB
  7. Amit Jiwan Tirkey, MS
  8. Mark Ranjan Jesudason, MS, DNB, FRCS(Ed)
  9. Rohin Mittal, MS, DNB, MRCS
  10. Gigi Varghese, MS
  11. Rajat Raghunath, MS
  12. Inian Samarasam.M.S., FRCS, FRACS
  13. Vijay Abraham, MS, DNB
  14. Sukria Nayak, MS, FRCS
  15. Suchita Chase, MS
  16. Beulah Roopavathana, MS
  17. Michael David Deodhar, MS
  18. Titus D.K. MS
  19. Paul Trinity Stephen, MS
  20. Josy Thomas, MS
  21. Joshua Franklin, MS
  22. Anish Jacob Cherian, DNB, M.
  23. Deepak Thomas Abraham, MS
  24. M.J.Paul, MS, DNB, FRCS
  25. Siddhartha N.Chakravarthy, MS, MCH

Cardio-Thoracic Surgery

  1. Birla Roy Gnanamuthu, M.S, M.Ch, FCCP FIACS (CTVS)
  2. Madhu Andrew Philip, Dip.NB,M.Ch(CTVS)
  3. Alpha Mathew Kavunkal,M.S.M.Ch.(CTVS)
  4. Deepak Narayanan A, Dip NB, M.CH(CTVS)
  5. Vinayak Shukla, M.S., Dip NB, M.Ch (CTVS)
  6. Korah T. Kuruvila, M.S, M.Ch (CTVS)
  7. Vinay M.Rao, MS, M.Ch.(CTVS)
  8. Roy Thankachen, M.S, M.Ch (CTS)
  9. Ravi Shankar, M.S, M.Ch. (CTVS)
  10. Shalom Sylvester Andugala, MS M.Ch (CTVS)

CMC Vellore doctors list Urology

  1. Antony Devasia MS,FRCSED, M.Ch (Uro) FRCS (Urol)
  2. Chandra Singh, MS, DNB (Surg), M.Ch, DNB (Urol)
  3. Arun Jacob Philip George, MS, M.Ch (Uro)
  4. Partho Mukherjee, MS, M.Ch(Uro)
  5. Sasi Kumar Chandran, MS, M.Ch (Urol)
  6. Santhosh N, MS, M.Ch (Urol)
  7. Sudhindra J, MS, M.Ch (Urol) DNB (Urol)
  8. Chandra Singh, MS, DNB(Surg). M.Ch (Urol) DNB (Urol)
  9. Nitin S. Kekre, MS, DNB(Uro)
  10. Santosh Kumar, MS, M.Ch
  11. Rajiv Paul Mukha, MS, M.Ch
  12. Nirmal TJ, MS, M.Ch (On study leave)
  13. Anuj Deep Dangi, MS, M.Ch
  14. Rajadoss, MS, M.Ch (On study leave)
  15. Benedict Paul Samuel Rajendran, MS, M.Ch
  16. Ranil Johann Boaz, MS, M.Ch
CMC Vellore doctors list

In conclusion

Hope this information will be the most useful one. Henceforth, select your doctor easily from the CMC Vellore doctors list before taking a new appointment or review.
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  1. My foot pad getting souling, please guide me which department Is took appointment so that my problem can be resolve.

    1. Sorry for the delay
      You can write to help desk, cmc vellore raising your concern via mail webappointment@cmcvellore.ac.in

  2. Ensure you find solutions to every one of the inquiries on the rundown you made up and any that may have come up during the doctors counsel.diarrhoea

  3. Have any Infertility & IVF specialist doctor in CMC? If it please sent me Doctors list

  4. is there any option to contact doctor via imo or viber or facebook,please inform,if possible then how?I need to contact with dr.rikki r john,peadiatric endocrinologist..please its urgent.

    1. If there is any such option, we are ignorant of that. We can only provide you with contact details of CMC Vellore so that you may submit your queries to their help desk / ms office.
      mail id: msoffice@cmcvellore.ac.in
      Phone number : 0416-2281000, 3070000

      NB: This website has no official connection with the hospital CMC Vellore.

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  6. my mother has stomuch water deases and pain.tell me please,whice droctor can be select.

    1. Please note that RS eSupport is a platform to help the patient to make an appointment with the hospital CMC Vellore through GUIDE and information. There is no official relationship between the Hospital (CMC Vellore) and the site itself. The more we can advise is to contact CMC Vellore help desk/ms office.

      mail id: msoffice@cmcvellore.ac.in

      Phone number: 0416-2281000, 3070000

  7. I am bangladeshi poor patient. I have parotid gland tumour cancer. I already surgery finished but Bangladeshi doctor informed me he operation 90% but my tumour already attacked nerve. After surgery Biosy report Cancer Positive. So i will appoint cmc vellore. who is the best doctor for us(which oncology side).please informed to us.

  8. I am PILES PATIENT wanting list of doctors in CMC HOSPITAL VELLORE as I want treatment for piles.

  9. I am suffering by breathing problems, feeling too much cough gather in respiratory tube, and also whistling sound.which types of treatment I need

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  13. Hello ,my father went for the treatment for heart in march, due to lockdown he returned back just with the medicine of two months,his condition is not good,i am not able to contact with the doctor too, what should I do ,how can I contact doctor and let him now about the current condition of my father also want to know can he continue the same medicine for the next days or not or any other medicine doctor can suggest for now.doctor name is Sushil Matthew John(CRD2)..any email I'd will also be helpful

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