CMC Vellore Dental Doctors List

CMC Vellore Doctors List Dentist

Find here the list of top and best dentists in CMC Vellore hospitals, Tamil Nadu. Christian Medical College in south India is one of the best health institutions in Asia. In this post, you will find the names of the top and best dental doctors serving presently at CMC Vellore.


Top and Best Dentists in CMC Vellore

Consult the list below before going to make a CMC Vellore doctor appointment in the dental unit. This can help you to make your decision in this regard.

Dental Unit Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

  1. Rabin Chacko, MDS, FDS RCPS
  2. Sibu Simon, MDS
  3. Arun Paul S., MDS
  4. Saurabh Kumar, MDS
  5. J.S.Jesija, MDS
  6. Prosthodontics
  7. Sibu Simon, RDS

Oral Medicine & Radiology

  1. J.S.Jesija, MDS, FGD General Dentistry
  2. Christina D. George, BDS, FGD
  3. Gladwin D.Khanapur, BDS, FGD
  4. Shiny Sheja Reena R., BDS, FGD
  5. Santosh Koshy, MDS
  6. Jagadish Ebenezer, MDS
  7. Soumya SV, MDS
  8. Shini Susan Samuel, MDS
  9. Surya Prakash Sharma, MDS
  10. Daniel Sathiya Sundaram, MDS

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