Google Drive |10 Benefits of Google Drive You Must Know

Google Drive

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage product from Google, the search Giant of the world. And the best thing is that it is absolutely free. In brief, you just need a Gmail account to access Google Drive. However, you will get 15 GB of free space to store your photos, documents and so on. It is easy to use and you can access it from anywhere using your email. There are a lot of other benefits of using Google Drive and I am going to mention them in this article in a nutshell.

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Before you learn about all the benefits, I recommend you to must follow the safety guidelines going to mention here. If you use a common platform to access the drive, you must log out before leaving the place so that nobody can get access to your files. Most importantly, always keep your drive password protected to avoid unauthorised access. Keep in mind while using password that the password should be hard to guess. After the caution, now you can know the benefits of using Google Drive one by one.

1. Easy to use

Google drive is very simple and easy to use just create a Gmail account and access it from desktop, smartphone, apps etc. When you log in to your Chrome browser you will find all apps for Chrome options just right top corner. Click there Google drive icon to enter into it and access all the media, documents that you have stored already.

2. Free to use

Most importantly, Google drive is absolutely free to use. It offers you 15 GB of free space to store your all important documents and files. If you need more you can create another Gmail account and get another 15 GB of space. That's all.

3. Used as a cloud backup

Google Drive is a better storage alternative than an external hard drive. Are you using an external drive or CD or pen drive to keep your important and precious files, photos, documents for safe? Then you should know that over the time such CDs, external drives will begin to corrupt and you may lose your important documents forever. Hence, you can create multiple folders according to your need and store all your precious photos, documents, receipts and many more to Google drive.

4. Google Drive Apps to Use it On The Go

Download the Google drive app to your smartphone. Thereafter, you can access it anywhere from your phone. You can access any file on the go as soon as you need it. The app is getting more and more useful day after day. As a result, it has already crossed 100 crore downloads. So you can understand that the app is one of the most popular apps nowadays.

5. Share your files to other users conveniently.

Using Google Drive you can easily share your photos, files, documents, videos etc. to others. Besides, you can create a link of a particular file or folder and share it with others. They can easily access and download the file using the link.

6. Easily Transfer any type of small and large files to other users

You can transfer any type of file to others using it. You can send a massive file through Google Drive to your contacts directly.

7. Optical Character Recognition Feature

When you search for a particular word or thing Google drive can scan all the document to bring out the file containing the word or name you look for. In brief, it is the Optical Character Recognition Feature that helps you much more.

8. Helpful to edit various kinds of documents

Google Drive
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If you are facing problem in opening a particular document that needs some software which is not installed in your pc, here google drive can help you. Just upload the document to the Google drive and you will be able to open the document from the drive. Because, the Drive allows you to open anything from Adobe Suite files, to spreadsheets and Microsoft Word documents. Then you can also edit the document there.

9. Built-in Search Engine for easy to find your stuff.

Google Drive has its very own built-in search engine, which allows you to search by file type, such as image, Word document or video, as well as by keyword.

10. Built-in Image Recognition Technology

Moreover, this is one of the features of Google but worth mentioning here. Google Drive’s image recognition technology can actually recognize the content of your pictures. If you’ve uploaded a picture of a famous landmark, the picture will come up when othe users search for that landmark using Google Drive’s search.

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Last few words about Google Drive:

Using Google drive you can free up your phone space and save the stuff of your phone such as your files, documents, photos, videos etc for ever with safety. Not only that, you can easily access all those stuff anytime from anywhere. Lastly, if you think the article is worth reading, consider it to share with others. So that they can also take the benefits of using Google drive and find useful tech tips. Thanks for reading.


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