Pension Gratuity Calculator for West Bengal Govt. Employees

Pension Calculator for West Bengal Pensioners


Easy way to calculate your Pension after retirement. Download the Pension Gratuity calculator now.

Pension Gratuity Calculator is a simple and easy tool. Using the app for WB pensioners to calculate retirement benefits. West Bengal Govt Pensioner now can find. Retiring Gratuity, Commuted Value of Pension (CVP), monthly pension in no time. It has also the provision to calculate Death Gratuity if an employee died in his service tenure.

West Bengal Govt employee pension calculator

The entire formula for the calculation of RG, CVP or Pension is based on West Bengal Service Rules 1971. Pension calculator follows the WB Govt ROPA rules 2019.

This calculator will also help you to calculate WB Revised Pension as on 01.01.2020 after the actual implementation of the 6th Pay Commission for pensioners in West Bengal. Whether you retired on Pre 2016 or Post 2016, you can easily calculate your revised pension w.e.f. 01.01.2020 with the help of this app, Pension Gratuity Calculator.

gratuity calculator

★ Key features of the Pension Gratuity calculator:

✔ Easy to understand calculations

✔ Comparison between 5th pay Commutation and 6th pay Commutation

✔ No Need to consult Commutation Factor Table for the calculation of CVP.

✔ Commutation Factor will be automatically fed as soon as you enter your age.

✔ Easy User interface

✔ New more features will be available soon on coming updates.

AG Bengal pension status.

✔ Pension Calculator as per WB Govt ROPA 2019.

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